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Exilient ReadyMaid Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Large Dry/Wet Mop with Virtual Wall Device

One Year carry in warranty from any of the company branches in India .


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ReadyMaid is India's largest & best selling Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for floors, built on Hi-Quality for Hi-Performance. No worries or panic if your maid servant is off day / left, or does poor quality work. Or need cleaning during the day/night. Be it for a working couple, a senior citizen, or a dedicated housewife or even for your office. ReadyMaid is ever ready to clean and wet mop your floor - WHERE you want, WHEN you want. Get that peace of mind to the most challenging chore at home.

Designed for the Indian home where both dust vacuuming & wet mopping of floor is a necessity. ReadyMaid does this for you simultaneously. The smart design water tank reservoir with mopping cloth gives a dust free finish. No constant monitoring or handling required. Suitable for all types of floor surfaces. Just push the start button on remote control and relax.

ReadyMaid is robotic, automatic & self sensing. Guides itself around obstacles. Sensors to detect floor dirt and avoid stair fall. Self recharges on low battery. Preset cleaning schedule for auto start. Covers approx 3000 sq.ft. on 2 hours battery charge. Control Floor cleaning area using Virtual Wall Device. That’s true technology at work for you.

Its low height design (12 inch diameter and 3 inch height) helps reach under tables, sofa or bed that are hard to access. Dual filter dust bin box includes HEPA filter for trapping micro Particulate Matter (PM 2.5 standards). Powerful brushless motor for low noise level working. LCD display Infrared remote for ease of control. Low cost of ownership & low maintenance cost with accessories like side brushes, mop cloth & HEPA filter provided extra.

Call us toll free 1-800-10-33377. Marketed and serviced by company with two decades of customer experience offering IT & Technology products. Warranty service centers at Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Guwahati, Lucknow, Dehradun & Chandigarh. Watch ReadyMaid video demo on Exilient dot com website or youtube.

Exilient ReadyMaid is a house maid who is ever ready to help you clean and mop your floor. No worries if your maid servant is off. ReadyMaid is efficient, reliable, smart and safe. Just push the start button or use the infrared remote control and relax. Designed for Indian homes where both dry vacuuming and wet mopping are necessary, ReadyMaid sucks the dust and wipes your floor with a large, high absorbent mop connected to a water reservoir. Truly, a Smart Home device. ReadyMaid is robotic, self guiding and self correcting. She has inbuilt sensors to detect dirt, obstacles and stair falls. ReadyMaid recharges when on low battery though the charging dock. Schedule the cleaning time according to your convenience. Restrict the area to be cleaned with Virtual Wall Device. Specifications : 8.7 x 30 cm (ht x dia), 3Kg wt, approx 2 hr battery time, powerful brushless suction motor, full function LCD remote control, two layer filtering including HEPA filter, easy to clean dust bin, low noise. 1 Year Warranty. Call Toll Free 1-800-10-33377 for support. Service centres at Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Guwahati, Lucknow, Dehradun & Chandigarh.



Adapter Input Voltage 100-240v AC
Adapter Output Voltage 24V AC
Battery Voltage 14.4V
Power Consumption 24 Watt
Battery Time 90-120 minutes running time
Noise Grade <65dB
Size 8.7cm x 30cm
Speed 20cm/sec
Charging Time 2-3 hours


Customer Reviews (22)

must buy productReview by kiran
its amazing product to clean the house . it cleans superb and very easy to operate . (Posted on 4/21/2017)
must buy productReview by Kiran
its amazing product to clean the house . it cleans superb and very easy to operate . (Posted on 4/14/2017)
Three StarsReview by Anonymous
Not up to my expectations (Posted on 3/21/2017)
Troublesome Cleaner-bot !Review by Amarnath Banerjee
Some ergonomical drawbacks -- a) The main switch is positioned under the mop at the bottom, b) fixing & taking out the mop involves inverting the machine with water leaking out, and when brought back to the upright position the top lid opens and drops the dust-pan, c) the virtual wall has no charge indicator !
These apart, it does its job well, sweeping up all dirt and debri from every corner of the floor. I expected the AUTO mode to map and sweep in precise pattern, but it works randomly. The wet mop has a very tiny tank, and even that lets out so little water that it is never depleted. It is more of a dry mop, actually. The low profile means that it reaches under chairs and sofas easily. Hope spares (like mop) will be easily available, even though extras have been provided.
Two days, and the dust box is extremely difficult to remove for cleaning, getting stuck and will soon break. It is also difficult to dock, sometimes pushing the dock (instead of climbing onto) away and tangling or pulling away the wire!
Three days, and the cleaner is already breaking down, not able to pull a wet mop. Also unable to turn at obstacles, groans, beeps and shuts down. Now I understand why the water tank is so small, and even then does not secrete water onto the mop -- it is for show only & the motor is too weak. Now stuck with another dud product from an online seller !
Wish they would improve the workings of the product, even at a slight increase in price, which would make it praise worthy ! (Posted on 3/18/2017)
Great product but....Review by Akshay Torneo
It's an awesome product that enables you to clean sweep and vacuum dirt through the corners of your floor. However the mop feature is a little inconvenient to use as the mop dries up quickly while mopping and it's not easy to clean the mop after use.
However for dry cleaning of the floor, this product serves the purpose better than a vacuum cleaner. (Posted on 3/13/2017)
Three StarsReview by Anand V Shukla
Not Satisfied as I Thought it would perform (Posted on 3/2/2017)
ReadyMaid is an excellent product & value for moneyReview by Chetan
ReadyMaid is an excellent product & value for money !!!
We were finding it difficult to get a maid due to our work schedules & outstation travel & were considering robotic vaccum cleaner since some time. After comparing many products we decided to buy Readymaid with virtual wall & have been using it almost everyday for last 3 weeks. We were quite surprised to see the amount of dust it sucks in every use. The Wet mop feature wipes the floor very clean but the liquid container capacity is less & requires a refill every 15 min. Full battery charge lasts for about 1.5 hrs. I misplaced a small filter & put a service request to which the company responded immediately & gave a replacement. Overall we are extremely happy with the product & service. (Posted on 2/25/2017)
FabulousReview by Smita
Works great. It cleans well. It cleans in a random manner, so if you watch it, it might feel frustrating. But if you let it be, and allow it to clean at its own pace it will clean well. It takes its time to clean given the randomised zigzag motion. Yet the best part is that you can leave it to work unsupervised. It will clean all areas it can access, and can work continuosly for upto 2 hours and then it will auto-detect its charger and go back and dock on its own. If you want it to clean a specific area in a manner you want, you can control its movement through the direction keys on the remote. You can also set a prefixed time and day schedule (e.g. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday- 7am) on the remote, and on the said date and time it will automatically begin the vaccuming process. The dust collection bin is big enough to collect dust for at least 4-5 runs. It picks up even fine dust particles. Of course given its randomised motion it might miss out some small areas (that also happens when we manually clean), but through repated cleaning you would not even notice a problem. Floor feels great to walk on!! Only problem I face is when it gets stuck under my bed (storage bed - low height), that is the only time I have to intervene to rescue it. Otherwise it manuvers around most obstacles, footwear, minor flooring height difference from one room to another etc. It is not very noisy. Overall a GREAT product. Expensive but very useful for people who don't have a maid. (Posted on 1/21/2017)
How intelligent is this ROBOT..?.Review by DennisCNLew
Watch the full review on my Youtube channel DennisCNLew (: (Posted on 1/14/2017)
Totally worth itReview by Anonymous
Its over a month we have this product in the house and must say it cleans the floor far better than the maid ever has. It finds and collects the minutest particles that would have otherwise been flung in the air by the all mighty broom and helped the maid secure an extra paid task of furniture dusting. Due to its shape, its necessary for a human being to clean the corners as the machine and its brushes don't get in the last 1 inch gap (or corners or areas that are smaller than the machine itself). Barring that the machine is a wonder. Even so I'm contemplating raising the height of my cot at home so the machine can sweep n clean under it too. In the current case the ground clearance of the cot isn't good enough. I find the vacuuming capability of the machine on carpets ineffective and also the brushes don't spin once the machine has been on a carpet for long. I think it senses that the brush movement is being restricted by a hairy carpet and finally stops the motors as a fail safe. It also is unable to climb onto carpets over 2cm thick and has to be manually brought on a carpet if you ever do wish to use the machine there.The mop feature is lovely but I do prefer to soak the mop cloth under a tap and also filling the water tank instead of just filling the tank and allowing the mop to soak up. Just speeds up things to have the mop cloth wet already. The spot clean feature is handy to mop off stubborn stains that are so regular in any house that has a baby. I've not tried the dry mop feature but I'm sure it'll be flawless. The edge and wall sensors work well and the machine navigates delicately under the computer table and even in-between the chair's legs.
Some rules to remember, Keep wires and ropes off the floor, Keep all door mats off its path cause the machine can sometimes take them away with itself. Not recommended for high pile carpets or fully carpeted homes. The spinning fans should be popped out for cleaning regularly instead of you trying to yank the dirt from them while they are attached to the machine. This will lengthen their life. Clean the dust bag with water too to get the most suction power from the machine. You'll be amazed with the dirt it really collects.The auto schedule feature works but it truly useful if your home is really open with minimal clutter. Else I prefer to guide the machine once a while using its handy cool remote. The edge mode is my favourite for guaranteed navigation in your home across all rooms. The edges also have the max dirt.
One design flaw you must note here. The machine does not understand if the dust basket is not inserted back inside and will start and work as normal. It has no sensors and hence raises no alarm. This is a huge flaw and one that will see you end up sucking dirt straight to the motor. I doubt it'll cause a lot of harm in the short run but I prefer to keep the cleaned filters to dry next to the machine so no other family member starts it without the dust basket inadvertently. Another behaviour issue is with respect to sunlight. The machine runs away from direct light and also malfunctions if I could call it that. I believe the sun light on its sensors makes it believe that its facing the infra-red light of its virtual wall.I keep my balconies to be cleaned after sun down for this reason. The virtual wall could also improve with better markings of where its sensors are and the directions they point.
These flaws make the product loose one star but its still an awesome machine and a must have if you are a cleanliness freak. Your human maid can never do what this machine can and round the clock too that. (Posted on 1/10/2017)
Five StarsReview by Ramanan P K
very good product (Posted on 1/4/2017)
Five StarsReview by Anonymous
very good performance (Posted on 12/1/2016)
Work awesome no issue till now very happy with it good ...Review by kuldeep yadav
Work awesome no issue till now very happy with it good to remove dust on floor , use auto clean mode and do your other work in house (Posted on 11/14/2016)
Five StarsReview by Anonymous
Love this (Posted on 11/2/2016)
Excellent job, Exilient!Review by ZXR Productions Inc
Ayyy, this is something that has saved me a TON of Time. It is typically a great product and should be more trending than it is, currently.
Amazing sensing technology and the way it cleans all the crap is just awesome. (Posted on 10/18/2016)
Cleaning for old.Review by Dr Mohan lal
It is essential to remove dust because it may toxic and affects our health. (Posted on 9/28/2016)
best product for Indian homesReview by Nirma Sekar
I bought it for my mom since she had tough time cleaning the house when maid took leave. Now she thanks me everyday for gifting this. Happy I bought this product and that it brings a smile on my mom face. Once you get a hang of how machine works you won't regret you bought it. Easy to clear the dustbin and if you have dog at home you will know the amount of dog hair it collects (Posted on 9/14/2016)
It took some time to get used to the product ...Review by Warija A.
it took some time to get used to the product. Now that, I know how it works, I am able to use it to suit my needs. (Posted on 8/2/2016)
Excellent vacuum cleanerReview by Balasaheb P.
very good product does the job removes fine dust & does moping (Posted on 6/24/2016)
ReadyMaid does it all !!!Review by Rajesh Gupte
Awesome device, superbly cleans our flooring, runs about 1.5 standard 150 sg ft rooms in a charge. Wet mop concept is a genius one. (Posted on 6/11/2016)

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‘Ready Maid’ and ‘Exilient’ are the registered trademark logo of company M/s Eagle Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. This product is covered under a period of one year limited warranty; carry in to company service centre.  The product is warranted only for manufacturing defects resulting in failure under standard performance. The warranty shall be void if instructions for use and care are not adhered to strictly by the user.

The liability of the company is limited to extent of repair, replacement or refund of product sold. The company liability of warranty is limited to the company’s acknowledgment that the product has a functional deficiency and that replacement or repair being the solution. The company is not responsible for and liable for any claim on any incidental damage to any and all equipment attached / connected to the warranted product. The company reserves the right to accept or reject replacement claim of warranty by the buyer.


Conditions not covered under warranty being Physical damage or breakage to the item; Tampering or forced self repair on the product; Improper Handling and/or use of the item; Accessories like Mopping board, Filter, Side Brush, Cleaning Brush, Screw driver; In built Lithium battery is covered under 6 months warranty; Natural deterioration in capacity / back up time, mishandling, electric surge, and physical damage are not covered in warranty; This warranty card and Invoice of purchase must be presented as proof-of-purchase for making a warranty claim.


Warranty Servicing 

Ready Maid robotic vacuum cleaner are manufactured & designed with utmost stringent quality inputs. All components & devices are designed and assembled to work in perfect unison to provide the stated outputs and performance benchmarks.

During warranty period should you require for any service need / support please contact us at

Service Centre : 09971070011

Email : service@eagle.in


Post Warranty Support

Customer is offered an annual maintenance contract (AMC) after expiry of warranty period. Optionally Customer has an option of visiting service centre of Eagle Information Systems Pvt Ltd. or its appointed service centres to get their product serviced/repaired on chargeable basis. Labor & Spares cost will be applicable at the prevailing rates. Such service will be rendered by the Company in towns/places where the Company has its authorized agent/s.



The Customer will have no claim against Eagle Information Systems Pvt Ltd., its employees and/or its authorized agents or franchisees under or pursuant to this warranty in respect of death or injury to the Customer or any other person or loss or damage to any property caused by or due to equipment failure, breakdown or accident, fire or operation or utilization of the goods otherwise than in accordance with User Guide or by or due to any other cause or circumstance beyond the control of Eagle Information Systems Pvt Ltd. Eagle Information Systems Pvt Ltd. ‘s liability under this warranty shall in no event and under no circumstances exceed the price paid by the Customer for the goods stated in the invoice.


Question     Does it clean stairs also?
Answer         Hi Aditya, Thanks for writing to us. The RVC is 35cm diameter . A step is also approx the same depth. Theoretically yes it can , but it can't climb the                              steps. Some one would have to place it on esch step for cleaning. That's practically illogical as a solution of convenience.

Question     Can we clean the carpets?
Answer         Yes. You can.
                       Please call us on company toll free 1800 10 33377 to discuss your requirement and explain the features and benefits.

Question     How much yime it will take yo clean a 1500 sqft house?can it go around rooms on its own with out getting stuck at a place?
Answer         About one hour and it can go around the room on its own.It is very usefull.

Question    How much electricity does this consume in one full charge?
Answer       Hi Mayank,
                     Thanks for contacting us.The rated voltage is 14.4V. Rated power is 24watts. Please call us on company toll free 18001033377 to discuss this and any                      other clarifications you may need.

Question     Is Virtual wall device part of the package? the description says its optional and whats in the box does not list its part of the package.
Answer         Dear Yogendra, Thanks for contacting us. This listing referred by you includes the Virtual Wall device. There is a second listing for the same product                         (search Amazon listing id B01BHU5O4S) is without the VW device. Otherwise both machines and accessories are same in both listings. Call us on our                      company toll free 18001033377 for any other clarifications you may need.

Question    Does this clean granite flooring both wet and dry?
Answer         Yes both wet and dry.

Question    1. Is this made by an Indian company or is it imported? 2. Is the cleaner able to clean fine dust particles? 3. How effective is the mopping?
Answer         Dear Divya, Thanks for writing to us. Exilient is an Indian brand registered with Govt of India as trademark. ReadyMaid is the model name of the                                 robotic vacuum cleaner. The RVC is capable of vacuum sucking and wet mopping of the dust all in a single moving operation. Wet mopping is very                             effective and can be physically checked by swiping you finger on the floor where it has just covered. Please call us on our company
                    toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other details you may have. The product can be shipped the next day to your order.

Question     How much time it take to charge full?
Answer         It would take about 3 hours to recharge from 0 to 100%.

Question     If this model has virtiual wall ? If not how to order for it?
Answer         Yes, it has a virtual wall unit

Question     Can it be used to clean my terrace which has artificial grass ? Can it pick up dead leaves and flowers?
Answer         I don't think it would work well on artificial grass. It requires a flat surface to move such as marble or tile. It is not able to move on carpets very well, so I think that would give you an idea about artificial grass. And it would only pick up leaves which are small in size not the big ones coz they would get stuck on the opening of the vacuum.

Question     What about cleaning different rooms? will it go to different rooms by itself and then find the docking station ?
Answer         The user experience comment by dear Kannan is true to understand answer your query. You can guide the ReadyMaid to each room using the remote control. Docking can happen on Line-of-sight basis only between the ReadyMaid and Dock station. Kindly call us on company toll free 1800 10 33377 to discuss this and other details.

Question     How often the mop has to be refilled? What is cost for the refill mops?
Answer         Dear Sir, Thanks for writing to us. The mop is made of high density micro fibre fabric. The mop is highly durable and reusable. Simply peel off, rinse and reuse. Two such mops are supplied in the box. Best practice is to rinse after each use and Velcro it back for next use. Pls call us company Toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other details you may need.

Question     What is life of this robot?
Answer         How I can say about the life of the robot, it's depending on use and follow of instructions.

Question     Does it give wet mopping also and if it is sutible for indian dust.
Answer        Dear Surabhi, Thanks for contacting us. Yes vacuuming and mopping is done simultaneously in same motion of movement. Yes the design is specifically for Indian Homes where wet mopping the dust is a necessity. This model of ours is being sold to Indian homes since last 13 months and is satisfying this query of yours. Kindly call us on company toll free 1800 10 33377 to discuss your other queries and help you.

Question     Is RVC capable to clean floors under double bed- box type-with only 1.5 inch space left under such double bed ?
Answer        It requires 5 inches

Question     One recension says that the battery as well as the brushes were dead after half a year. Any more experienced this? Spares f. both available?
Answer         This must be a stray incident with one customer. All spares and accessories are easily available with the company as and when required. Call Toll Free 1800 10 33377 for any other details required.

Question     What are somethings that don't work well? How does this compare to Roomba (iRobot) i'd like non-exilient (real customers) respond?
Answer         Dear Vijay, Appreciate your query. To share bare facts, most of the RVC models have almost 95% features common across their models. It's the other 5 % features that you need to identify in each considered RVC for suiting YOUR need than just what the model offers as features. The key differeniator could be dry and wet cleaning in single machine and single operation, largest wet mop size ( this is specifically for an Indian Home need ), Full function LCD display remote control, 1yr pan India warranty support from a company that's 22yrs in IT and technology products and services. And yes at half the Investment cost of a Roomba product. Exilient ReadyMaid is being sold across the country since well before iRobot launched in India. Humbly submitting that Exilient ReadyMaid installed base in India is much larger and highly satisfied in terms of stated features and customer expectations. We sincerely invite Exilient ReadyMaid users to provide their value able feedback to help others customers take decision.
Mr Vijay , As a responsible company , you are most welcome to contact us on company's toll free 1800 10 33377 for details about the product.

Question     I'm from Ahmedabad, do you have any service centre here? If I have any issues after my purchase how do I resolve my problem?
Answer         Hi Thanks for writing to us. We have pan India support service centers. Telephonic support by skilled engineers. Request you to kindly contact us at  company Toll free 1800103337 to discuss.

Question     Can it be used daily?
Answer        Yes. The ReadyMaid has inbuilt rechargeable battery. Just recharge and use as many times or when you want to you use it.  Contact us on toll free 1800 10 33377 for discussing your requirement.

Question     What kind of a battery does it use? I understand it may have to be changed after 6 months. Can it be bought separately? Where? how much does it cost?
Answer         It's battery cannot be changed as it has rechargeable battery which gets charged when it is at its dock .

Question     Does it do good job of wet mopping? Read that there is a lot of manual effort in that.
Answer         I don't put water, but it still cleans with the mop. The cloth becomes very dirty, which shows it is cleaning the surface. But I prefer, dusting, using the device and mop myself manually once in a while.

Question     Can i have demo plz?
Answer         Dear Thanks for writing to us. There is a product video available on you tube. Kindly search with keywords' Exilient ReadyMaid '. You can call us on  company Toll free 18001033377 for other information or clarifications.

Question     Can it also pick up dog furs from the floor?
Answer         Hi Shruti,  Thanks for contacting us. Yes its capable of vacuum picking the hair strands of pets and humans. Do contact us on our company toll free 18001033377 for discussing your requirement.

Question     I want pre sale demo of exilient readymaid robot
Answer         HI All,
PLEASE NOTE >> Lightning Deal on this Product is OPEN on 20th August from 6 am to 12 noon ONLY. The discount of 10% is applicable for these 6 hours only.

Question     Does it have a mapping system? So that it plans how to clean the room and save battery and time.
Answer         No, not really. But it does a good job.

Question     Can it climb on wall ?
Answer         No, it can't climb a wall.

Question     How does it clean corners and edges?
Answer        Dear Honest Reviewer,
Thanks for writing to us. The ReadyMaid RVC has a function program on the remote control , wherein it senses and moves along the wall. Please call us on our company toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other details required.

Question     Question to team exilient if the battery needs to be changed after 6 months where can we buy it? how much does it cost?
Answer        Sir, Already replied you in our first reply message. Can be ordered to company on phone ( 997107011 or email customercare@exilient.com or order on amazon website here itself. Price is Rs 2700.00

Question     How often does the mop need to be changed and how does one clean it after use?
Answer         I use the mop twice after which I clean it in my washing machine

Question     What is the power consumption of this rvc?
Answer        Dear Deepa,
Thanks for writing to us. Rated Power is 24 watts. It uses a 14.4V DC adapter to charge the RVC. You may please call us on company toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other clarifications you may need.

Question     If the floor is tiles instead of marbles will it be possible for it to clean?
Answer        Hi, Thanks for writing to us. The ReadyMaid will perform equally well on marble, vitrified tiles , wooden floors. Pls contact us on our toll free 1800 10 33377 for detailed discussion to you requirement.

Question     Does it picks up human and dogs hair ?
Answer         Yes it picks up human and dogs hair

Question     I m seeing that irobot product is very costly near about 69,900, but the review of this product is very better than irobot. Its perfect for 2bhk?
Answer        Dear Subhankar, Thanks for writing to us. Yes is capable of around 3000 sq ft or a 4BHK on a full battery. The other high light feature is wet mopping simultaneously. Call us on toll free number 18001033377 to discuss details.

Question     Does it work on black surface? I have a black marble marble flooring. I just heard that milagrow does not work on black surface!
Answer        Dear Sir Vidya, Thanks for writing to us. Since last year of customers using our ReadyMaid model RVC we do not have feedback of any customer regarding surface type or surface color issue. Kindly call us on company Toll free 1800 10 33377 to discuss .

Question     In charging mode continue running side brushes. Pl clarify this problem.
Answer         Not at all

Question     I have a 4000 sq feet clinic and am looking for a automatic cleaning solution.Can i use this to clean the area effectively?
Answer        Dr Ashwin, Thanks for writing to us. Apologize for late response. The RVC is capable of approx 1500 sq ft on a full battery charge. battery backup is approx. 90 to 120 mts per charge. Please contact us on company Toll free 1800 10 33377 for discussion on this.

Question     Can the dry vacuum and wet mopping function be used seperate from each other ?
Answer         No...can't seperate

Question     Hey I have to manually control it by remote or it automatically runs after setting.
Answer         It automatically runs after setting but you can control manually as well

Question     How the charger connected with the machine?
Answer        Dear Pradip, The charger is an independent dock station to which the RVC machine auto connects when on low battery.

Question     Moppping function is mannually? after how much time we have to wet the cloth?
Answer         When it starts mopping, the cloth starts becoming dirty. So you need to remove it, wash and put it back, as it mops..

Question     How long does a mop last and what is the cost of a mop? is it available on amazon? can a pre-sale demo be organised at kolkata and is there any charge?
Answer        Hi Kaycee, Thanks for contacting us. Mop is made of Hi-Fibre, Hi-Density durable and re-useable cloth. You get two such mop cloths inside the box. They would easily last 9-12 months. The cost of mop is around Rs 450 and is ordereable by phone or email to the company. You can contact our Kolkata branch and schedule a demo. We do not charge for any demo as a policy.

Question     I have lurched on 12th Dec 16. It is charged power switch on only and also power Switch on side brushes continue running in charging mode.pl clarify t?
Answer         Press the power button until it turns off and then switch it on again.

Question     My home is very big and rooms are connected but clearance is different , i mean height of rooms are varies with one another? ,
Answer        Dear Mohammad Akhil, Thanks for contacting us. Please call us on our Toll free 18001033377 to understand details and discuss.

Question     Will it charge automatically?
Answer         Dear Kumar, Thanks for contacting us. Yes on low battery the ReadyMaid auto seeks the charging dock station and connects to recharge.

Question     I have a big dog which sheds alot can it clean that too?
Answer        Hi Satvik, Thanks for writing to us. Yes , that should not be a problem for the ReadyMaid. Pls contact us on toll free 18001033377 to discuss this and other details.

Question     Can I have live demo at hyderabad to know the suitability of the item.
Answer         Yes, Sure you can.

Question     Is this floor cleaning robot have water tank?
Answer         Yes, it does.

Question    Assuming a 1200 sq.ft. cleaning area being cleaned everyday, what is the life of the battery before it needs replacement? How much does a battery cost
Answer         Dear Kaycee, Thanks for writing to us. The battery life is approx 500 cycles consumed.Each cycle is deemed as charging and discharging. A new battery would cost approx Rs 2700/- at today's price list.
Please contact us on company toll free 1800 10 33377 to discuss other details you may like to know.

Question     Can this be used for in areas like balcony, porch, terrace and cemented drive ways?
Answer         Dear Shewta, Thanks for writing to us. Yes it would work on all Floor surface types. Pls call us on Toll free 1800 10 33377 for other details you may need.

Question     After charging once how much area does it cleans?
Answer         Hi Nita, On a two hour working battery charge, it would cover approx 2500-3000 sq ft. Call us on toll free 1800 10 33377 to discuss details.

Question     Does it clean bathroom floors dry, after a bath when there is already excessive water?
Answer         No. It has only a thin mopping cloth for wet-mopping the dry floors.