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Exilient Tango Bluetooth Dual 5 Watt Speaker with FM Radio, USB with LCD display

Exilient Tango Wireless Bluetooth Dual 5 Watt Speaker with FM Radio, TF Card and Calling facility with LCD display (Turquoise Green), DOT Approved (ETA/2053)

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Beyond the traditional design, Exilient Bar Bluetooth speaker is unique and with great sound quality. Use it at home, take it on vacation, enjoy it while camping, to play your favorite music. Powerful Dual 5Watt Speakers & Super Bass, with dynamic stereophony effect. Play your favorite music via Bluetooth enabled devices be it Mobile, Laptop, or USB Pen drive, Micro SD Card or AUX cable etc. Or even enjoy FM Radio on the move. Receive incoming calls via the inbuilt mic also. All the above with Digital Full LCD Panel. Exilient Bluetooth Speakers are brought to you by India's leading brand of quality Laptop & Mobile accessory products offering uncompromising quality and proven service support. A brand owned by Eagle Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. a company with 22years of IT sales and service reputation across India. Features: Inbuilt High Sensitivity FM Radio Full LCD Display Panel Digital Clock and Alarm function Inbuilt 600mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery for 3-10 Hours playback time Speaker Output Power : Dual 5 Watts, 3 ohm, 80 dB Frequency Response : 87Hz - 20KHz FM Radio Frequency : 87.5 - 108 Mhz Total Harmonic Distortion : <0.03% All Formats supported MP3, WMA,WAV,PE,FLAC Compatible to play all Bluetooth Ver 3.0 devices upto a distance of 10 meters.



Play Mode Bluetooth 3.0, Pen Drive, Micro SD Card, FM Radio, Inbuilt Mic for Hands free Talk
Power Output Dual 5 Watt stereo, High Fidelity Power
S/N Output 80 dB
Speaker Functions Volume Low/High, Play, Back, Forward, FM Tuning, Track Control, Clock, Alarm, Mic
LCD Display Yes
Product Finish Silicon Rubber


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Five StarsReview by Geetu
Excellent Product, (Posted on 4/14/2015)
Five StarsReview by Sheela
Nice product (Posted on 3/12/2015)

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Warranty Six months against manufacturing defect. Carry in to company service centres.

‘Exilient’ is a brand of products owned by company M/s Eagle Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. 

Exilient products are covered under limited warranty as specified for the product category. The warranty is limited to any manufacturing defects resulting in failure under standard performance. The warranty period is valid from date of purchase. The warranty shall be void if instructions for use and care are not adhered to strictly by the user.

The warranty shall be serviced ‘Carry-In’ or ‘Send to company ’ basis to company appointed service centers as listed on warranty card/ company website. 

The liability of the company is limited to extent of repair or replacement or refund of product sold. The company liability of warranty is limited to the company’s acknowledgment that the Exilient product has a functional deficiency and that replacement or repair being the solution. The company is not responsible for, nor liable for any claim on any incidental damage to any and all equipment attached / connected to the warranted product. The company reserves the right to accept or reject replacement claim of warranty by the buyer.

The following conditions of fault are not covered under warranty.

  1. Burnt / Melt internal PCB circuit resulting from high voltage/ improper voltage to the equipment supply from the Mains power supply.
  2. Product physical damage, scratches, abrasions or breakage to the body/accessories of item.
  3. Tampering or forced self repair on the product.
  4. Improper Handling or negligence causing malfunction of function of product.
  5. Power cord ,USB cables, brushes, filters, mop cloth  are not included under warranty.
  6. Damage caused due to short circuit of output power cord.
  7. Natural deterioration in capacity / back up time ( product battery), mishandling, electric surge, and physical damage are not covered in warranty.
  8. The warranty card and Invoice of purchase must be presented as proof-of-purchase for making a warranty claim.


Question    Do we get a charger ? Because in videos I haven't seen
Answer       No charger but any charger will work with this that charges a mobike phone.its a good product .

Question      Does it have AUX input ?
Answer         Dear Bhavik, Yes this has a AUX port.

Question      Can I connect external speakers?
Answer         Hi Rahul,
Thanks for writing to us. The speaker has AUX port for input from other devices but not for output.

Question      Hi, can you please advice if it works using AC power source ?
Answer      Yes and no!
basically it needs micro USB power source. you can use any charger (smartphone) that takes in 230V AC and gives 5V DC with micro USB Output.

Question      Does the FM tuner has preset channels to memorise them?
Answer         No it doesn't! However, the tuner locks onto the next active frequency. It's a nice speaker system.

Question      Can this be used as a clock radio? I want FM/music to be played as per preset alarm.
Answer         When u switch to music u can see clock and clock is not visible when switch to FM but has the good quality of speaker and beats

Question      Can the clock be displayed in standby mode??My primary need is led clock feature with BT as add on.. Pls advise
Answer          Dear Tarak, thanks for writing to us. Yes the clock is displayed on standby mode or any other play modes. Pls order with confidence. Thanks.

Question      Is it ring for incoming call while i was using radio or both bluethooth function and fm can be used together
Answer          Hi Aravind, Thanks for writing to us.Yes incoming call ring will come while using. Bluetooth or FM can be used one at a time.

Question      Please confirm whether the speaker has the combo of 2*3W speakers and 2*5W subwoofers?
Answer          Dear Ajay,
Thanks for writing to us. This a single channel BT speaker. This a full range speakers and no sub woofer is present. The speakers are 2*3 Watt output.

Question      Could I use with my laptop?
Answer          Hi Thanks for writing to us.
Yes, You can pair it with your Laptop by Bluetooth to stream your playlist.
Look forward to your order.

Question      Does this have a usb port for playing music?
Answer          Dear Kartik,
Thanks for writing to us. Yes this has a USB port for playing music. Also, it has a slot for SD card playing.
Looking forward to your order. Can be shipped the next day to your order.

Question      Is the alarm loud?
Answer          No

Question      Is alaram clock there?
Answer          Hi Vijaya, Yes you can set time alarm.

Question       Does it's clock has Alarm feature/facility?
Answer           Yes,it has very nice pic,I have this pic it work very good.

Question      Somebody has posted that this has a non removable battery. Can this be confirmed? What do I do when the battery needs replacement?
Answer          Dear Kartik,
Yes this has a non removeable lithium battery . Typically the life span of the battery is 300 approx. chargedischarge cycles. This would transalate to around 1 .5 yrs. when used moderately. If a spare battery is required, would be available with us at a chargeable basis. Look forward to your order.

Question      What is the final total Power Out Put of this product as a whole?
Answer          Hi Pranav, Thanks for writing to us. Speaker system power is 5W x 2. (Dual speakers). Look forward to your order. Can be shipped next day to your order.

Question      Can i connect the pandrive to listen songs?
Answer          Yes you can.

Question      Which FM channels are coming in it.
Answer          All

Question      Is the FM radio is in built? What is the power source?
Answer          Yes, Rechargable battery.

Question      1 want to buy 3 nos but different colors if possible 2 what is the price of extra battery and how can we change when it is not removable as you mention?
Answer         1) We have only two colors to offer Black/Red and Sky Blue/Florescent Green. You can chose from these two colors. 2) The rechargeable battery is Rs. 450/. It can be changed by our service team only, for which you can visit the branch. We hope we have answered properly to your question.

Question      Does it cover any warrenty?
Answer          Yes. 6 Months replacement warranty from any of the company's branches in India.

Question      When to charge how we will come to know that it's time to charge and for how much time to charge please reply all questions?
Answer          There is a battery indicator on the display.

Question      Is the item durable?
Answer         Yes it is. good voice clarity and beats. worth money.

Question      For how much hours to charge after full drainage?
Answer         45is enough for me, its standy time is mind blowing and plauback of around 5 hours on medium volume

Question      Misplaced the user manual, how do you bluetooth pair again with another device?
Answer          No issues sir. We can mail you a soft copy of it. Pls send a mail request on sales@exilient.com.

Question      Well can I get a bigger clock display in this brand
Answer          Dear Sudhakar,
Thanks for writing to us. This is the only model we have. The display is illuminated LED. Can be shipped next day to your order.

Question      How much Bluetooth distance?
Answer          Hi
Pls do internet search on the technical specs of Bluetooth signal distance, theoretically its 10mtrs but under stated conditions.

Question      Is this device play music while charging? Also can I use it as a all time clock?
Answer          Hi Thanks for writing to us. Yes. You can charge while playing music. Yes, there it has LCD display for clock.

Question      Does the display show incoming call nos?
Answer          Hello Shree,
Thanks for your query.No its have no function of shows incoming calls. Its have shows Time, Alarm, FM channels and Battery life on display.

Question      Does this device has a pen drive and built in FM radio?
Answer          You can use pendrive. It has builtin FM.

Question      Is the FM channel and MP3 song displayed in LCD display. Can we skip songs and folders as well ? Product quality (FM, MP3, speakers,etc)?
Answer         Yeah, FM channels are displayed. As far I can remember, MP3 songs are displayed as well and yes you can skip songs by pressing the +/ tabs. Speakers are good, produce quality sound but the battery is awful. The new battery doesn't play for 2 hours in full charge. Otherwise, excellent product with looks  and sound quality.

Question      Can we preset FM stations on this speaker? Also, is the lack of a remote a setback to this product?
Answer          Hi Suman,
Thanks for writing to us. Yes FM stations can be preset. Through Bluetooth pairing with your handset would be the remote.

Question      Is the battery removable?
Answer          Hi Tony,
Thanks for writing to us. The battery is Inbuilt and rechargeable , similar to your smartphone or Laptop battery characteristics.