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Exilient Tango Bluetooth Dual 5 Watt Speaker with FM Radio, USB with LCD display

Exilient Tango Wireless Bluetooth Dual 5 Watt Speaker with FM Radio, TF Card and Calling facility with LCD display (Black), DOT approverd (ETA/2053)

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DOT Approved (ETA/2053) Beyond the traditional design, this portable Bluetooth speaker is unique and with great sound quality. Use it at home, take it on vacation, enjoy it while camping, to play your favorite music. Powerful Dual 5Watt Speakers & Super Bass, with dynamic stereophony effect. Play your favorite music via Bluetooth enabled devices be it Mobile, Laptop, or USB Pen drive, Micro SD Card or AUX cable etc. Or even enjoy FM Radio on the move. Receive incoming calls via the inbuilt mic also. All the above with Digital Full LCD Panel. Exilient Bluetooth Speakers are brought to you by India's leading brand of quality Laptop & Mobile accessory products offering uncompromising quality and proven service support. A brand owned by Eagle Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. a company with 22years of IT sales and service reputation across India. Features: Inbuilt High Sensitivity FM Radio Full LCD Display Panel Digital Clock and Alarm function Inbuilt 600mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery for 3-10 Hours playback time Speaker Output Power : Dual 5 Watts, 3 ohm, 80 dB Frequency Response : 87Hz - 20KHz FM Radio Frequency : 87.5 - 108 Mhz Total Harmonic Distortion : <0.03% All Formats supported MP3, WMA,WAV,PE,FLAC Compatible to play all Bluetooth Ver 3.0 devices upto a distance of 10 meters.



Play Mode Bluetooth 3.0, Pen Drive, Micro SD Card, FM Radio, Inbuilt Mic for Hands free Talk
Power Output Dual 5 Watt, High Fidelity Power
S/N Output 80 dB
Speaker Functions Volume Low/High, Play, Back, Forward, FM Tuning, Track Control, Clock, Alarm, Mic
LCD Display Yes
Product Finish Silicone Rubber


Customer Reviews (84)

Wonderful product, Great value for moneyReview by Shailesh Yagnik
Wonderful product, great value for money. Using since last 2 years. (Posted on 4/22/2017)
Five StarsReview by Anonymous
It's my bff for all my party fest.... The solution for all your loud dream. (Posted on 4/22/2017)
Excellent piece, worth taking it.Review by Sachin V.
I am very much satisfied with the product. Sufficient for one bedroom. Nice feature like reading sd card, usb, Bluetooth etc good battery life. (Posted on 4/21/2017)
Five StarsReview by Anonymous
Excellent (Posted on 4/15/2017)
Four StarsReview by Anonymous
good for that price (Posted on 3/1/2017)
Excellent Buy!!!Review by Vijay
Very Happy with this product.
1. Quick Charging
2. Loud Volume
3. Display (FM frequency, Volume level etc)
4. Good battery Life
5. Good design

1. Color gets dirtier soon (Posted on 2/12/2017)
Can you name a &#823Review by Lakeisha
Can you name a … Can you name a country on this planet that doesn’t have a single socialistic policy? You can’t because socialism keeps capitalism in check. Without socialism you have extreme capitalism. And extreme capitalism is the peaoonificrtisn of greed. (Posted on 1/16/2017)
Very Nice productReview by abc
Very Nice product (Posted on 11/22/2016)
Four StarsReview by Anonymous
Value for Money product. Decent quality . Functions as described. Decent sound (Posted on 11/5/2016)
Recommended buyReview by DG
I listened to this speaker right after listening to BOSE SoundLink mini. Both with music streamed from an iPhone. No, it doesn't directly compare, but I was surprised how it gets to 75-80% of the quality for general listening, at 10% of the price. And the feature to setup an alarm or listen to FM can make it a clock radio replacement.

This can be a 5star product and easily a 'highly recommended buy' if the user experience can be improved. What does it need-
1. A larger display and ability to show time even when playing FM or Bluetooth.
2. Volume control is iffy. Difficult to control in small steps. Same buttons are used for FM tuning and track control over Bluetooth- this should be avoided.
3. Clock - music integration. Ability to play stored FM station or USB/SD card track at alarm time. It also needs an off timer for night time listening.

I'll still recommend buying it because sound is good for the price, and no product at these prices provides a better user interface. (Posted on 11/5/2016)
Great buyReview by Anonymous
Product is too good for the price I paid. FM signal is bit weak but no issues. Overall a good product. (Posted on 11/4/2016)
Good product. Small & handyReview by Shine
Good product. Small & handy. Good sound quality as expected from this product. FM reception is poor. Work around is to keep the aux/USB cable connected. (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Five StarsReview by Anonymous
beautiful looking with great sound and a nice bass too.a (Posted on 10/20/2016)
very nice productReview by Anshul
very nice product (Posted on 10/4/2016)
AmazingReview by subhamay das
Have been using this for last 10 months and every time I turn it on I thank myself for my selection. No issue so for. Amazing product. (Posted on 9/16/2016)
liked it!Review by Anonymous
got it for my dad... last time i went home, used it...i kinda quite like it....u can use FM, pen drive or bluetooth....sound is good too...however bass could be improved a bit..however for price the product is good. (Posted on 9/13/2016)
Awesome product and qualityReview by Vivek
Really awesome sound it can fail the jbl in this price for sure and the quality is awesome!!!!
I didn't expect this product to be good but it really amazed me it's a must buy if u want in this category and the features also.... (Posted on 8/30/2016)
Very good productReview by Ramkrishna Acharyya
I have purchased the Exilient Tango Wireless BT Speaker from Amazon and have got it timely. All the credit goes to Amazon India. The product is very good. It has FM radio, clock, BT, etc. Anybody can also play songs/music from SDHC card or pendrive. Rechargeable Battery is good can stay after full day of use. One problem I have faced while using the top selector switches. Some times the FM Radio automatically switched to the default micro SD card reading and starts playing the songs. (Posted on 8/25/2016)
Excellent product.Review by BIJITH.N
Excellent product.. Surprisingly sound quality.. Handy and sporty style..Every one liked it .. I wish to order more to my office .. Thanx Amazon and Exilient.. (Posted on 7/17/2016)
Four StarsReview by Sandeep B Singh
Nice product! (Posted on 7/9/2016)

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Warranty Six months against manufacturing defect. Carry in to company service centres.

‘Exilient’ is a brand of products owned by company M/s Eagle Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. 

Exilient products are covered under limited warranty as specified for the product category. The warranty is limited to any manufacturing defects resulting in failure under standard performance. The warranty period is valid from date of purchase. The warranty shall be void if instructions for use and care are not adhered to strictly by the user.

The warranty shall be serviced ‘Carry-In’ or ‘Send to company ’ basis to company appointed service centers as listed on warranty card/ company website. 

The liability of the company is limited to extent of repair or replacement or refund of product sold. The company liability of warranty is limited to the company’s acknowledgment that the Exilient product has a functional deficiency and that replacement or repair being the solution. The company is not responsible for, nor liable for any claim on any incidental damage to any and all equipment attached / connected to the warranted product. The company reserves the right to accept or reject replacement claim of warranty by the buyer.

The following conditions of fault are not covered under warranty.

  1. Burnt / Melt internal PCB circuit resulting from high voltage/ improper voltage to the equipment supply from the Mains power supply.
  2. Product physical damage, scratches, abrasions or breakage to the body/accessories of item.
  3. Tampering or forced self repair on the product.
  4. Improper Handling or negligence causing malfunction of function of product.
  5. Power cord ,USB cables, brushes, filters, mop cloth  are not included under warranty.
  6. Damage caused due to short circuit of output power cord.
  7. Natural deterioration in capacity / back up time ( product battery), mishandling, electric surge, and physical damage are not covered in warranty.
  8. The warranty card and Invoice of purchase must be presented as proof-of-purchase for making a warranty claim.




Question    Is it include remote control?
Answer       Hi
Thanks for writing to us. No remote is included. Music streaming is controlled by mobile playlist . While other functions like FM radio and alarm clock         are     button controls on the music system. You may contact us on toll free 1800 10 33377.  
Question    Hi, received this today but havent found adopter inside the pack just 2 cables.is this coming without adopter?
Answer       I too ..didn't recieve . seems it comes without adapter but comes with audio jack cable and USB.
Question    Can I connect this to my denon amp n klipsch speakers?
Answer       Yes .. with that
Auxiliary jeck adaptor
Question      This is gsm sim card base?
Answer         No it does not support sim card, it has Bluetooth and SD card connectivity  
Question      "dual 5w speakers" does it mean 5w + 5w rms?
Answer           Hi Abhie,
Thanks for writing to us. Yes correct.Please order with confidence.  
Question      What is the sound frequency?
Answer          Hi , Thanks for writing to us. All the specs are mentioned in the product description section of the product listing page. The Frequency is 87Hz  20KHz. Looking forward to your valued order. Thanks & Regards   Exilient Sales Team.
Question      Can it used for mobile/laptop bluetooth speeker?
Answer         Yes you can use it and you will not regret with the quality. If you love FM radio, that is fantastic too.
Question      Can the alarm play songs?
Answer          Hi Rohit, No the Alarm has a pre configured Music tone.
Question      Does Dual 5 Watts means 10 Watts RMS?
Answer         Hi Thanks for writing to us. Each speaker is of 5 watt RMS.
Question      Does it display the song (mp3 file name) which is playing?
Answer          Hi Thanks for writing to us. No file name is not displayed.  
Question      Can I set an alarm for directly playing the FM station? basically, i want an alarm clock which plays the radio when alarm goes off.
Answer         Hi Rahul,
There is an inbuilt beep tone that triggers on the set alarm time.  
Question    Can we play pan drive in this device?
Answer       Yes u can without any issues..  
Question    Bluetooth allows to connect existing devices to the speaker but can i connect this to my bose bluetooth speaker and play fm from this over bose
Answer       I never tried what u want to do so dont know either it works or not.
Question    Can We connect it with laptop? Is there any port to connect it with laptop
Answer       Yes you can connect laptop it has a stereo aux port and also blue tooth is available.  
Question    Can you make this product available in Payback.in ?
Answer       Sorry we don't sell though payback.in. Alternatively you can order on other major ecomm portals or even on company's own portal. Thanks Team Exilient .
Question    Does it has volume control ?
Answer       Hi Arijeet, Thanks for writing to us. Of course it has volume control.
Thanks And looking forward to your order.
Question     What is the source of power, only battery or with a/c mains.??
Answer        Hi,
Thanks for writing to us. The Speaker has inbuilt Lithium rechargeable battery which are charged through the micro USB port cable from the AC mains or the USB port of your desktop / laptop. You can also use your Mobile adapter for charging which would have a similar micro USB port.
Question    Can USB play back play all the file formats like MP3, wave..etc
Answer       Yes please.  
Question    Can i use this as a digital clock ? how big is the display ?
Answer       Hi Sheetal, Yes this has a digital display for Clock as well. The widhth of speaker is 24cm. The display is 5cm .  
Question    What is default sound when we plug in unit to computeror USB pen drive?
Answer       Hi Mahesh,
The default function mode is BT. Otherwise the speaker has auto detect function mode of play.
Question    What is the size of this product?
Answer       24cmx6cmx6cm.  
Radio works fine. Comment to below other buyer comment >>"The radio signals have to be proper as common sense.
Question   Can we plug this device/ sound bar directly to wall socket, in case we don't want to use it on battery?
Answer      Hi Rahul,
Yes. You could you any micro USB connector ( mobile charger ) to charge and play the speaker.
Can be shipped the next day to your order.
Question   What is the total output power in rms of speaker?
Answer      Hi Anuj, total 80dB, dual 5Watts.
Question   How to play music from mp3 player using aux input cable,
Answer      Hi, The product has AUX port and comes with AUX cable for connecting with other player devices.  
Question   Dear is battery 5 volt or 3.6 volt .is lcd show name of caller when bluetooth conbected .ple send me answer
Answer      Hi Varun, The battery input voltage in 5V DC. Display is for function mode, volume, charging indicator.  
Question   The battery backup is mentioned as 4 hours. But if I put it in AC power, can I play continuously (like say for 10 hours)
Answer      Dear Sriram,
Thanks for writing to us. Yes this is correct. Please order with confidence on quality and service support.
Question   Whether this can be connected to apple i mac?
Answer      The speaker model supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity and an AUX port for wired.  
Question   How to charge it ?
Answer      Hi,
It as a MicroUSB charger port. You can use the cables provided with the speaker or even any micro USB mobile charger.  
Question   Any warranty on this product and battery included inside if not then how can it works?
Answer      Yes warranty is for six months. Yes there is a inbuilt rechargeable battery.
Question   How much time it take for full charge & what is its battery bkup if play in full volume?
Answer      Not really used it that much but volume is good in full. Usb was giving some issue not playing I think. Hardly got to use it though.
Question  Is the battery removable, user replaceable? What's the life of battery? If battery to be changed then what? Please answer these queries. Thanks.
Answer     Dear AvZ,
Thanks for writing to us.
The battery is inbuilt and not user replaceable.
The battery life is approx 300 charge discharge cycles.
 The battery can be changed at company service centre in India.
 Please order with confidence and assurance on quality and support.  
Question   Doest it have usb playback function ?
Answer      Yes it does, along with AUX and Bluetooth.. Other functions include FM and clock/alarm clock..  
Question   Can the clock display be made ON all the time and can this be used as bedside alarm clock ?
Answer      Dear K,
Thanks for writing to us. Yes the display is always on on the mode you are in, and yes it has alarm clock inbuilt. Please order with confidence. Can be shipped next day to your order. You can contact us on company toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other details.
Question    Warranty gaurantee? service station?
Answer        Hi Deepak, Thanks for writing to us. Warranty is one year. Our company has service center in most of the state capitals. Pls refer the warranty card included in the product box packaging.