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Exilient bFortified Smart Wireless Camera for Remote Monitoring from Android and iOS compatible smart phone with 32GB Micro SD Card

Use your mobile to see whether your family is safe at home. Or monitor your office remotely while on holiday.

Be free of worries, Enjoy life

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Let today technology advancements make you home SMARTER and secure. Make sure your home, dependents, kids and pets are secure and safe at all hours. Live steam or retrieve stored audio and video anytime, anywhere through your smart phone app. Receive alert notifications on your smart phone on motion and sound alerts. No wiring required, No DVR/DNR device required.

Do-It-Yourself-Within-Minutes installation.

EASY PLUG-N-PLAY: Install free Mobile App. from Play Store or iTunes store. Pair the camera and App over same WIFI network.Thats all. Place on table or wall mount as need.

INBUILT MEMORY SLOT: Camera can record continuously up to 64GB (approx.30 day data) on memory card (not included) installed in the camera. Remote access and playback the stored data anytime any place.

MOTION and SOUND DETECTION: Make sure no one slips by undetected with built-in motion and sound sensor. Can send alert notification as well sound alarm siren when armed

NIGHT VISION: Infrared night vision enables you to see in Low Light or dark conditions.

MONITOR MULTIPLE CAMERAS: Add as many cameras you need rooms, office, shop

MULTIPLE USERS CAN ACCESS CAMERA: Family members can independently access the same camera remotely.

REMOTE PAN, TILT & ZOOM CAMERA VIEW: Horizontal 355°/Vertical 120°, 2X Zoom

TWO WAY AUDIO: Talk and Hear through App and Camera to interact with your family

HD QUALITY VIDEO: Resolution 720P/30fps, 1.0 Megapixel for stunning picture clarity

One Year warranty, Nationwide support network. Exilient is India leading brand offering High Quality IT and Technology products with established service support across the country. Exilient is a registered trademark of Eagle Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. a reputed 22 year old company with head office at Delhi and branches at Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Lucknow, Kolkata & Guwahati. For any clarifications, please call company toll free number 180010 33377 and we would be more than happy to help you.



Mobile Compatibility Android, IOS
Application Support Smart App remote control, Android and Ios
Remote Control Yes
Alarm Action Alert Message on phone App, Audio Siren Alarm on camera, Motion Sensor Alarm on phone App
System Requirements All Android and iOS Smartphone
Storage Capacity 32GB Memory card Capacity
Camera Type VGA
Video Output Video Compression: H.264, Video Frame Rate: 30FPS, Video Data Rate: HD (720P) Fluent (VGA)
Mounting Type Table Top or Wall-fixing
Recording Resolution 720p VGA, 1.3 Megapixel
Recording Frame Rate 30FPS
Lens Size 3.6 mm
Other Connectivity Features WIFI 802.11b/g/n, With Dynamic domain address
Network Interface Type Wireless IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Power Requirement Rated Power 3W
Other Power Features DC5/1A±0.3V


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nice cameraReview by Monika
very nice product.... love it, want to buy one more. (Posted on 5/16/2017)

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Question     Can I seat long km n watch live frm.my android?
Answer         Dear Zaheer,
you can be anywhere outside and would just need 3G data connection on your handset. Pls call us on toll free 1800 10 33377 for share any other clarifications you may need.

Question    Can I see night vision?
Answer        Yes Please.

Question     Can the recording can be backup to external storage devices
Answer         Dear Muralirajan,
Thanks for writing to us. Yes. You can extract the the SD card from the camera and file transfer to your laptop/dedkstop etc. In case of any other clarifications please contact us on toll free 1800 10 33377.

Question     Can I use 3g data card as WiFi hotspot
Answer         Hi Suman,
Thanks for contacting us. Yes you can create a hotpspot which will be paired with the camera at the premises. Your handset using the application will connect to camera using the Hotspot connection. Pls contact us on toll free 18001033377 for any other details/features you would like to understand.

Question     Is it possible to see Live stream video when we travel outstation
Answer         Yes you can if your internet is at least 3g and in the case of this brand you need a lot of luck also. I tried many cam and sricam is much better then this.

Question    What is the field of view of the lens?
Answer         Dear Pawan,
Thanks for writing to us. The camera has motor in built. Horizontal panning is 350 degrees and Tilting is 120 degrees. We could provide you a live demo, Please call us on toll free 1800 10 33377.

Question    What was the range of distance of device to watch video or live at anytime
Answer        Hi,
The camera is one time configured with your handset using the home/office Wifi router. After which camera features/live streaming is made using your mobile service provider 3G/4G services. There is no limit to distance at all. Call us on company toll free 1800 1033377, to discuss for any other clarifications. Can be shipped the next day to your order.

Question    Can it be used as 24*7 security monitoring device. If yes, then how many hours of video could it hold in 32 GB, and data refresh frequency.
Answer         Hi Vibhor,
Yes 24*7 recording is possible using the SD Card. Approx. 20 to 22 days of recording can be stored in a 32GB card. (You can also opt for a 64GB for approx 45 days recording ). The camera recordings of Day 1 would be re written once the card capacity is reached. Call us on toll free 1800 10 33377 to  discuss this and other features.

Question    Can I use wifi hotspot of my smartphone for wifi connection on this camera?
Answer         Yes you can. However the smartphone using hotspot cannot be the same handset using the app.

Question     Does the camera work after setup recording video and sound in a fixed posit and can the motion and sound sensors be turned off so no alarm is given
Answer         Dear Wilson,
Thanks for writing to us. Once recording is turned on, the camera keeps recording on the inserted memory card. The recording is of video and audio both. Yes you can switch off the sound or alarm through the settings.Pls call us toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other details required.

Question    What are the physical dimensions?
Answer         Hi Subroto, Thanks for writing to us. The base diameter is 8cm. Height 11cm. weight is approx. 330grams. has a micro USB port for power connection and an insert slot for SD Memory card. The installation is a 'Do-It-Your-Self'. Can be shipped next day to your order. Please order with confidence. Nationwide support including toll free support during warranty period of 1 Year. Please call us on our toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other information you may need.

Question     Can I use this device without internet
Answer         Yes. However would need a AP or modem to pair.

Question    Whats the diffence between model Q6 and G6
Answer         Hi Vivek,
Thanks for contacting us. This an internal nomenclature re-naming from G6 to Q6 by us. And that there is no difference on the product. Please order with confidence.

Question     Is it work for outdoor?
Answer         Dear Kalahari, Thanks for writing to us. Yes it would outdoor, however needs to be protected from sunlight and rain water. You can contact us company Toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other clarifications.

Question    Can I use it as a portable device ? And without net connection ?
Answer         No. It can't be carried around. This not spy camera design or use.

Question    Can we connect to two or more devices to this cam?
Answer        Yes , I have connected to mine , my husband and my mom . It works perfectly .

Question     Can we connect it directly by lan? modem is required or not??
Answer         No. It connects wirelessly with the app on your smartphone using the wireless modem as the connecting device.

Question    Does the camera needs alive broadband connection all the time for recording in sd card or cani use the internet & wifi when needed?
Answer        Hi, When configured for recording, the SD card will record irrespective of connected with Wifi modem or not. You will need the wifi modem connectivity at time of accessing the files or live stream from the camera. Please call us on toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other details you may require.

Question     Did the camera required a lan connection or wifi connection for internet and can it work on out door?
Answer         Hi Ajith, Thanks for contacting us. The camera connects by Wifi with your internet router.The camera is not designed for outdoors but can mounted but avoiding direct exporsure to sunlight and rain. Plscall us on toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other details you may need. Also suggest you see the product demo video on Youtube ( search by Exilient bFortified camera ).

Question     Is it be able to connect from foreign and also can be paired with camera from foreign
Answer         Hi Jafar, Thanks for writing to us. Yes you can connect using your 3g or 4g service provider of you handset. Pls call us on 18001033377 to discuss your requirement.

Question    Can the recorded things be seen in mobile?
Answer        Hi, Thanks for writing to us. Yes, as well as live video streaming from the camera as well. Pls call us on toll free 1800 10 333 77 for any other clarifications or demo.

Question     Is this camera can connected in led tv
Answer         No. Video viewing ( live and recording ) can be done only through the App installtion on your mobile handset. Also, the App does not support Windows OS. Please callus on Toll Free 1800 10 33377 for any other details you may like to know .

Question     Is it to be used with power socket always? can the recorded things be seen without net connection?
Answer        Dear Sir, Thanks for writing to us. Yes it has to be always powered on. The recordings can be accessed from the handset when connected through the modem (Either in local LAN or remote access. Please call us toll free 1800 10 33377 for any more clarifications required. WE can provide live demo on your handset to check the other features.

Question    How to play the recorded video from the SD card inside the camera. There are recorded files in it. From where to play the video.
Answer         Pls call us on toll free 1800 10 33377 to guide you.

Question    Can it be use outdoor ? Can it resist Sun/shower ?
Answer        Hi John, Its not designed for outdoor use. Though it can be installed on ceiling / wall in hallway/ staircase etc.

Question    It can connected through adapter- (220V)
Answer         Dear Nizar, Thanks for writing to us. The camera has a 5V DC Micro USB jack for powering. A USB-AC adapter plug is provided for connection to AC mains.Yes you can also use a standard 5V DC Mobile charger as alternate. Pls call us on company toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other details you may require.

Question    Can I see the live footage in my mobile via wi-fi from 50km distance?
Answer        Yes.

Question    How to play recorded footage from memory card
Answer        Dear Amarendra, Thanks for writing to us. The stored files can be viewed through the app on your handset ( whether in local LAN or Remote access) Alternately, pull out the SD Card , transfer files to laptop / desktop and view them through a media player app. Please contact us company toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other details required of the product.

Question    Can it record things in sd card without net connection?
Answer        Yes It would. You can subsequently access the recordings as playback files.

Question    Is it possible to control the camera remotely through the mobile app?
Answer        Yes sir. That is the main feature of this solution. Thanks

Question    Does it record in colour or b&w?
Answer        Yes sir please tell me what is install system this camera

Question    Which application is used to control this camera in Android phone?
Answer         You can use V380 app for control this camera.

Question     Does it support remote recoding on android ? & can all the recorded files in MCARD be downloaded remotly on android ?
Answer        Dear Gursharan, No it would not. To understand the logical reason of this
1. The stored data on the mCard would be approx 16/32/64GB. To upload all through your local modem you would need a appropriate capacity broadband plan with your service provider. In addition, same quantum of GB would then also to be downloaded on your handset ( you will need a mCard of equal capacity on your handset). The cost of upload AND download does not justify a feasible feature of use with this solution.
2. The time taken to upload and download of 16/32/64GB of this data (even on 4G bandwidth) would require a very strong patience to wait for a least a few hours to complete.
The possible way would be to take out the installed mCard from camera and transfer the files directly onto you laptop/desktop using mCard reader.
Hope the above is of help and looking forward to your order. Do call us on company toll free 1800 1033377 for any other clarification or information required.

Question    Is it possible to record directly on a PC ?
Answer        Hi RV Devan,
Thanks for writing to us. The recording happens on the Memory Card plugged in on the camera. Live streaming and retrieving recording is from the smart phone app. For viewing on PC/laptop, you can transfer the recorded files to PC/laptop using a SD Card reader. Please call us for more details on company toll free 1800 10 33377.

Question    Can the voice command be silent?
Answer         Hi Ankur, Thanks for writing to us. Yes control is from the user app handset. Call us on our Toll free 1800103377 to discuss other features and details.

Question    What is the range of night vision in feet ....Why are u not uploading a full demo of the product in youtube?
Answer        Dear Saugata, Thanks for writing to us. Range of night vision would be around 10 feet. We can provide you a live demo from your handset. PLease contact us on company toll free 1800 10 33377 to arrange.

Question    Do I need electrical power to operate this or does it work on battery power? If battery, is it a re-chargeable one or a one time use.
Answer        Hi Mithila,
Thanks for writing to us. The camera has no inbuilt battery. Is powered by 5V DC through a Micro USB cable adapter ( similar to one we use to charge our mobiles). You could use a powerbank to provide continuous power to the camera should the mail power fail. Please contact us on company toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other clarifications you may need.

Question    How this camera got power by inbuilt battery or direct electricity. and how much is the time for continuous recording.
Answer        Hi Gaurav, Thanks for writing to us. Camera uses 5v DC using a standard micro USB connector. No inbuilt battery. For recording you can buy locally a micro SD card. Approx. 32Gb=18 days. 64Gb=36days.

Question    Can we see by ddns (noip)? It has port forwding facility ?
Answer        DDNS service is not required. Watching remotely is hard coded in apps with android and iOS based device. It will not work with other apps.

Question    What is the type of battery to be used in this product and what is the life of the battery (how many hours of recording).
Answer        Hi,Thanks for writing to us. There is no inbuilt battery inside the camera device for power source. The device uses Micro USB Adapter for power source. Recording of video/audio is done on Micro SD Card ( not included with product ) of capacity upto 64GB. It can do continuous recording as per settings by user ( 24x7). A 64GB capacity SD Card can store data for apprx 45 days. Pls call us on company toll free 1800 10 33377 for any clarifications . We can also arrange a live demo on YOUR handset should you want.

Question    Does it comes with 32gb memory?
Answer        Hi, This product price does not include Memory card. You have option to buy it locally as per your capacity requirement. However we have alternate combo offering in Amazon where a 32GB or 64GB card is bundled with this camera. Please search the other two listings if you want to buy the bundled memory card from us. Call us toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other clarifications.

Question    Do you can provide live demo? Am staying at coimbatore, tamilnadu.
Answer        Sorry for your requirement, it's not possible .

Question    Does this need to be installed indoor or can I install this in society compound as well
Answer        Hi Sandeep,Primarily it's designed for indoor use. However, you can install in compound area.. provided the camera is strongly paired with your WiFi router, and is protected from sunlight and rain water. Pls do call us on our toll free 18001033377 to discuss.

Question    Is wifi must for this ?
Answer        Hi Pawan,Thanks for writing to us. The Camera uses WiFi connectivity to pair with your Local Modem. Further, your smart phone camera app also uses the Modem to pair with the camera.

Question    Is this Dust proof and water proof?
Answer         HI Arc, Thanks for writing to us. It is dust proof, but is not recommended for direct sunlight or rainwater exposure. Please call us on company toll free 1800 10 33377 to discuss for any clarifications.

Question    We Can watch it from anywhere outside right? With internet connection! Or we need the same wifi connection through which camera is been paired?
Answer        From anywhere. You just need to pair your app to it once and you are good to go.

Question    Can I use this camera inside my car to know what is happening in my car as I am in taxi buisness?
Answer        Dear Sir, Yes the solution is possible. Pls visit our company branch to see and test the solution required. Contact us on Toll free 18001033377.

Question    Does it work without lan wire and only on wi-fi connection? --avijeet
Answer        Hi Avijeet,Yes Please. Pls call us on toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other clarifications your may need.

Question    Hi, whether sd card slot is available with this(supported capacity) or in built memory? if so can you specify the inbuilt memory available?.
Answer       Hi Thanks for writing to us. There is an SD Card slot . All data is directly recorded on to the SD Card. You can have option of 16/32/64MB storage. Please call us on toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other information or clarifications you may have.

Question    Hi, you havent mentioned which software is compatible with this product..?is this p2p camera and can be viewed anywhere from app?
Answer        Dear Pranav, Thanks for writing to us. This is a P2P camera and can remotely managed via a specific mobile app from anywhere. The app is free downloadable from Google and Apple e-stores.

Question    After power failure .does the camera needs resetting or remains paired?
Answer        Dear Dr Plaha, Thanks for writing to us. Camera remains paired on restart.

Question    Shall You share the image of camera backside?
Answer         Hi Vivek, the backside of camera has micro USB port for power, reset button, slot for SD card. That's it.

Question    Is it waterproof for outdoor purpose?
Answer        Hi Saahil,This is meant as table top or wall mount. Not designed for outdoor( sunlight or rain). However it can be installed in passageway or lobby or indoor area not exposed to sun or rain.

Question    Hi can I observed this system from long distance or another place or city via 3g?
Answer        Hi, Thanks for writing to us. Yes as long you connect via 3G from your service provider anywhere , you can access the installed camera and have live streaming or even access stored videos on the camera memory SD Card. Please us toll free 1800 10 33377 for any clarifications or information.

Question    Works with computer? I use mac computer, can it be viewed in it?
Answer        Its not support with pc,vstarcam supports with pc

Question    Does it need constant charging or can I full charge then place it away from. The adapter and then use
Answer        Dear Shail, Thanks for writing to us. This does not have any inbuilt battery. Constant power source is required. ( Uses a standard Micro USB connector ).

Question    Does it come with motion detector? and can video be seen in mobile outside office?
Answer        Dear Deepak,Thanks for writing to us. Yes there there is alert and siren feature. Yes this primarily for remote access from your mobile using your service provider 3G/4G service. Do call us on our company Toll free 1800 10 33377 for any other details you may require.

Question    Can we place it in other country and can we watch online whats going in that country. And is it chargeable or plug and play...?
Answer        Dear Mohammedmubeen, The camera, the router and the handset have to to paired to each other during first installation. Connectivity is a your telecom     service provider issue. There is no hardware limitation. Pls call us on toll free 1800 10 33377 to discuss your requirement.

Question    Camera needs wifi network?
Answer        Hi, Thanks for writing to us. Yes The camera connects with premises modem through Wifi. No wiring connections are required between camera and modem. Its a complete Do It Your Self installation. Please order with confidence on the features and support mentioned. Can be shipped next day to your order.

Question    Please give application name my device is android hp slate 21. i want 8 cameras and could i see all together on one mobile?
Answer        Dear Bhavesh, Pls call us on 1800 10 33377 to discuss the solution. Yes you can set 8 cameras in same app.

Question    What's the measurement of the camera angle?
Answer        Hi, Its approx 120% Wide angle.

Question    Please tell the name of application? with I can see live camera because i want to know my hp slate 21 is supporting that app or not.
Answer         Hi Bhavesh, Thanks for writing to us. App is supported on Android and iPhone OS. Windows OS is not compatible with our app.

Question    Can it be installed on the ceiling?
Answer         Hi Subir, Thanks for writing to us. The camera has a wall holder to screw mount on surface mount. However rather than ceiling it is advised and suggested that it be wall mounted closest the ceiling height. Since the camera has pan and tilt feature, a horizontal view angle would be more appropriate . Please contact us on company toll free 1800 10 3337 for any other clarifications you require. Can be shipped the next day to your order.

Question    Can I use this for taxi car?
Answer         Yes you can , but with certain adaptions. Pls contact us on toll free 1800 10 33377.

Question    Is it outdoor cam?
Answer       Not designed for outdoor use. However you can install it under protection from rainwater and direct sunlight.

Question    What is the power source?
Answer        Dear Amarjeet,Power source is Micro USB adapter.